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As a lover of the sea (graduate from the Faculty of Ecology and Biology of the Sea), I decided to turn my love towards ships and hydrodynamics into a boy’s dream and bought my first speedboat with which I was able to transport passengers.

I was the first to start offering private water transfers connecting guests with the central Dalmatian islands.

When I found out my friend and participant in the World Olympic sailing competitions, the legend of Croatian sailing, Mato Arapova, builds ships I decided to buy his product Lolivul 5.9 with a Honda 90 HP.

After the first summer season, I persuaded Mata to make me a bigger boat, which he did. Lolivul 9 m. with Yamaha 350 HP.

After that, I wanted a even bigger 12-meter speed boat and tried to presuade Mata again. He responed with:

“No, make it yourself, and I will help you do it. You know what you want, what kind of boat you need.”

Building my own boat seamed too hard so I started looking abroad for a boat to buy.

I knew what kind of ship I wanted: professional, luxurious, fast, outstanding driving characteristics at sea, and exceptional security.

After a long search, no product fit my criteria because every company made some compromises at the expense of some other feature.

That made me decide to build my own speed boat that would have all the features I want without any compromise.

I called the brand Great White because it is without compromise and competition in the sea.

Mate introduces me to a genius – a shipbuilding engineer, Mr. Ivanišević. I told Mr. Ivanisevic:

“We have to make a ship that can sail safely when no one else can.”

We made ships that can sail in all weather conditions, practically unsinkable, boats with a unique visual identity and persona.

Others copy we create.

by Joško Petrić (Founder and Director of Dalmatia Express)

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