Hvar to Dubrovnik / Dubrovnik to Hvar Transfer

Because your well-deserved holiday is time-limited, we strongly suggest that you use the time that you’ve got to the maximum.

If you’re traveling from Dubrovnik to Hvar or the other way around, you will lose an entire day using regular means of transportation.

Using our fast transfer you can get to Hvar from Dubrovnik in only 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Getting from Dubrovnik to Split by car you need almost 4 hours and by bus almost 6 hours. 

Then from Split, you need to catch a ferry to Stari grad on Hvar island and the ride takes another 2 hours. 

From Stari grad to the town of Hvar it takes you another 30 minutes by car. 

In total, you lose at least 7 hours of your precious time on unnecessary traveling.

We can shorten your traveling time to mere 2 hours and 45 minutes of cruising through beautiful Dalmatia and enjoying the marvelous coastline after which you can continue with your well-deserved holiday on one of the pearls of the Croatian coastline, in Dubrovnik or Hvar.

Dubrovnik City, Croatia

Dubrovnik airport to Hvar Island

The process is easy, our driver picks you up at your gate at the airport drives you to a nearby dock, our crew helps you board the ship, and were on our way with a speed boat.

Furthermore, if your airplane departs at 4 PM, you should leave your hotel very early in the morning to reach the airport on time, while using our speed taxi boat Hvar-Dubrovnik service, you can check out from your hotel at 12:15 PM and enjoy the extra hours you gain.

When you add up the ferry and taxi expenses and the hours you gain, you can conclude that the speed taxi boat Hvar-Dubrovnik is not only an excellent service but also a very cost-effective alternative to the regular means of transportation.

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Dubrovnik to Hvar Island any hotel you desire

Split Airport Hvar Only 55 minutes

Riva Marina Hotel, Hvar Town

Split Airport Hvar Only 55 minutes

Pharos Hotel, Hvar Town

Split Airport Hvar Only 55 minutes

Maslina Resort, Stari Grad

Split Airport Hvar Only 55 minutes

Arkada Hotel, Stari Grad

Split Airport Hvar Only 55 minutes

Amfora Hotel, Hvar Town

Split Airport Hvar Only 55 minutes

Adriatiq Resort (Fontana), Jelsa

Split Airport Hvar Only 55 minutes

Hotel Adriana, Town Hvar


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