Split to Hvar Transfer

Our speed taxi service Split-Hvar from Split airport to your desired destination will save you time and money while traveling.

Using a water taxi you can save over 4-5 hours of traveling time and about 50€ per person. 

Heres how:

1. When you land you need to catch a taxi from Split airport to Split ferry port (theres usually a lot of traffic)

2. After coming to the ferry port you will need to deal with the hustle and bustle of the Split city in melting heat trying to get a ticket(long lines and an average price of 20€-30€ per person)

3. When you get the ticket it doesn’t mean the ferry is leaving so there is a big chance you will need to wait for some time

4. After you board the ferry the average travel time is 2 h and 30 minutes to Hvar

Even with the best of luck and organization in the hot season of Dalmatia, you will spend even over 5 hours traveling from Split Airport to Hvar.

While with our speed boat taxi service you will arive at any desired location on Hvar in only 1 hour without any waiting or organizing yourself.

Hvar Town Famous Image from Fortres Fortica

Split airport to Hvar Island

The process is easy, our driver picks you up at your gate at the airport drives you to a nearby dock, our crew helps you board the ship, and were on our way with a speed boat.

Furthermore, if your airplane departs at 4 PM, you should leave your hotel very early in the morning to reach the airport on time, while using our speed taxi boat Split-Hvar service, you can check out from your hotel at 1:45 PM and enjoy the extra hours you gain.

When you add up the ferry and taxi expenses and the hours you gain, you can conclude that the speed taxi boat Split-Hvar is not only an excellent service but also a very cost-effective alternative to the regular means of transportation.

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Split to Hvar Island any hotel you desire

Split Airport Hvar Only 55 minutes

Riva Marina Hotel, Hvar Town

Split Airport Hvar Only 55 minutes

Pharos Hotel, Hvar Town

Split Airport Hvar Only 55 minutes

Maslina Resort, Stari Grad

Split Airport Hvar Only 55 minutes

Arkada Hotel, Stari Grad

Split Airport Hvar Only 55 minutes

Amfora Hotel, Hvar Town

Split Airport Hvar Only 55 minutes

Adriatiq Resort (Fontana), Jelsa

Split Airport Hvar Only 55 minutes

Hotel Adriana, Town Hvar


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