Speed Water Taxi

As you might already know, the market today is over flooded with multitude of services and products indistinguishable amongst each other, although some stand out with their quality and professionalism. Give us a chance to prove that we are one of those professionals, dealing exclusively with transportation of passengers and organizing trips for our guests (without additional services that others offer, such as renting of scooters, bicycles, rooms, etc ...); with us, the professional approach is guaranteed.

Accommodating your requests and wishes in the very best way, thus providing you with a pleasant and a more luxurious journey, Taxi boat Split has been equipped with top quality devices from the best manufacturers in the world: Raymarine (C-120) multifunction displays, Raymarine radar, Raymarine VHF radio communication Hi-Fi equipment, jockey seats, hard top, real teak and the latest technical developments from Japan, Yamaha 300hp, V6, 4.2 cc engine.

What differentiates this particular boat from other boats, is the fact that it was designed by professionals, people who every day live and spend hours and hours at sea, one of whom is the Croatian Olympian and world vice-champion in sailing.

Choosing our taxi service from the airport directly to the desired destinations (Hvar, Brač, Vis ...) will save you time and money. Travel time spent with the usual means of transport (ferry, catamaran) is about 3-4 h, with other taxi opperators 1h 20min, while with us you can reach your destination in 55 min (Resnik Airport Split-Hvar).

Speedboat Lolivul is made for professionals by professionals, providing primarily safe journey in all weather conditions, while satisfying the full comfort for the passengers. Given the fact that this model has been chosen by the Croatian rescue service, is solely a testament to its safety and quality, which, in turn, inspired our motto:

Feel the difference between a luxury professional boat and other, ordinary boats.

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Testimonials & guest impressions

It is excellent to know that on rough water when other companies don't even think about transfer, you have company and boat that does this without problem.

Irina, Russia

We went on rough water and felt like kings, excellent crew and seats. This company doesn't have competition, other boats are five times inferior for the same price.

Giacomo, Italy

We were on a wedding party and bride organized transportation. It was a big party and they organized several companies because we needed more boats. Only Dalmatia express brought us on time, safe and dry, on the others boats they prayed God to come. For clever one enough.

Benedikt, Germany

The cheapest and fastest water taxi ever!

Hugh, UK

It was a real pleasure knowing that we didn’t have to worry with anything regarding our transportation.

Harry, Sweden

We were very pleased with the services provided by Dalmatia Express. Your drivers were excellent and on time. It made our field trip run smoothly.

Mike, UK

I don’t have enough words to express the professionalism that our driver displayed during the entire trip.

Rene, France