About Great White Brand

Born in 2014, the Great White boat brand was created when I was in search of a ship that was fast, safe, had great maneuverability, and was luxurious, and I wanted it without any compromise. Since there were no ships on the market that provided such features I decided to build my own. The first ship we built was Great White 39. Read more about our story here.

We are called Great White for a reason. Our boats don’t settle for second best—just like the Great White shark itself doesn’t have a rival in the sea, we don’t have one on the water either.

We provide unparalleled speed, safety, and comfort. Relax and leave everything to the professionals.

Sail comfortably in luxury seats and forget about all your problems.

You could be on the outdoor deck or in the cabin. The boats are very fast therefore you could visit more than one destination in one day.

Mate (builder of the Lolivul 9) introduces me to the genius – shipbuilding engineer, Mr. Ivanišević. I told Mr. Ivanisevic:

“We have to make a ship that can sail safely when no one else can.”

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